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What We Do

Below are a few pictures of what we can do, we have a wide selection of precious metal finishes such as 24 carat gold, rose gold, white gold.

We can plate most metals using our techniques to give a high end finish and to make our services more convenient we can come to you so if your wanting your car badge in 24 carat gold or your bathroom fixtures in rose gold rest assured you would be in extremely good hands when using our services.

Vehicle Customization

Make your vehicle unique with our bespoke gold plating mobile service, we can plate over any chrome item in 24 carat gold.

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24 carat gold plating

Create envy where ever you go with our unique 24 carat gold plating service on most metal items including mobile phones and bathroom fixtures and fittings

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Upgrades & Custom

Using our specialist 24 carat gold plating techniques we can customize and upgrade almost anything from watch bezels and straps through to turning chrome to gold.

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